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SR99109 Golf Ubrella

190T polyester golf umbrella and wooden handle. Manual opening. ø 1270 mm | 965 mm
Prices from € 4.70 to € 6.40 each.

SR99140 16-Rib Umbrella

190T pongee rainbow umbrella with 16 ribs and wooden handle. ø1020 x 875 mm.
Prices from € 5.80 to € 7.90 each.

SR99133 Children Umbrella

Colourful polyester kid's umbrella with manual opening and EVA handle. ø680 x 550 mm.
Prices from € 3.10 to € 4.20 each.

SR99134 Micheal Umbrella

190T polyester umbrella with rubber coated handle. This umbrella has automatic opening. ø1040 mm x 830 mm.
Prices from € 3.35 to € 4.55 each.

SR99152 Megan Umbrella

Polyester umbrella with automatic opening, reflective element and rubber coated handle. ø960 x 815 mm.
Prices from € 3.90 to € 5.30 each.

KI2030 Umbrella



Umbrella with manual opening system on the contrary from 23 '(58.5 cm), metal rod, slats and points of the fiberglass ribs, hand-free handle in C-shaped polycarbonate to attach to the wrist. 190g...
Prices from € 12.35 to € 16.80 each.

KI2031 Umbrella Midi

Umbrella with sliding shaft, snap opening, metal rod, slats and points of the fiberglass slats, shock-resistant tip. 190g Pongee polyester canvas. Thanks to the sliding shaft, the umbrella measures...
Prices from € 10.40 to € 14.15 each.

GT92008 Pink Golf Umbrella

XL golf umbrella, metal rod, wooden handle. Available in plain or two-tone colors. Dimensions: diam. 130 x 105 cm.
Prices from € 3.80 to € 5.15 each.

GT90501 Umbrella Child

Small automatic opening umbrella with colored segments. Diameter: 71 cm.
Prices from € 2.30 to € 3.10 each.

PA550 Professional Golf Umbrella

75 cm golf umbrella, manual opening with safety slider. Fiberglass rod and slats, plastic points. 210T polyester canvas with two-color double windproof veil on top. Ergonomic and anti-slip handle....
Prices from € 10.45 to € 14.20 each.

KI2009 Doming umbrella

Umbrella 63.5 cm, snap opening, 10 mm thick black metal rod, fiberglass ribs, polypropylene plastic slats, 190T polyester cloth, polypropylene coating. 2 customization possibilities on the handle...
Prices from € 4.70 to € 6.35 each.

KI2027 Umbrella Opening Snap

70 cm umbrella, snap opening, black metal rod, black fiberglass slats, black polypropylene slats, rounded handle, EVA canvas. Diameter: 120 cm.
Prices from € 4.40 to € 6.00 each.

39 articles (pag. 1 of 4)