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ML3003 Neck Warmer

Fully customizable neck warmer. Dimensions: circumference 50cm x height 25cm.
Prices from € 0.63 to € 0.85 each.

100% Polyester

MO6903 Pet Bottle

PET Tritan™ bottle, BPA free. Includes a silicone hook. Capacity: 500ml. Dimensions: diameter 6 x 20 cm.
Prices from € 2.20 to € 3.00 each.

S26265 Aluminum Bottle

Aluminum bottle with carabiner. Individually packaged. Capacity: 500ml. Dimensions: diameter 6.5 x 21 cm.
Prices from € 1.85 to € 2.50 each.

S26267 Sublimatic Bottle

Aluminum water bottle, white colour, suitable for 360 degree sublimatic printing. Individually packaged. Dimensions: diameter 6.5 x 20.5 cm.
Prices from € 2.10 to € 2.85 each.

AT6156 Axel Bottle

High quality bottle body finished in bamboo, with stainless steel interior. Screw cap made of stainless steel and bamboo. Individually packaged in illustrated box. Dimensions: Ø 6.9 x 24.5 cm....
Prices from € 7.60 to € 10.35 each.

AT6162 Hoda Bottle

Retro style stainless steel water bottle. Stainless steel screw cap with wooden detail and vintage carrying handle. Individually packaged. Dimensions: Ø 7.2 x 24 cm. Capacity: 800ml.
Prices from € 5.30 to € 7.20 each.

AT6864 Kerys Bottle

Glass bottle covered with a cork cover. Bamboo screw cap with a practical carrying handle in natural colored braided rope. Individually packaged. Dimensions: Ø 6.3 x 22.5 cm. Capacity: 500ml.
Prices from € 3.55 to € 4.80 each.

AT6866 Humayra Bottle

Bottle of the Nature line in glass and screw cap in bamboo. Coating with silicone cover. Individually packaged. Dimensions: Ø 6.7 x 23 cm. Capacity: 540ml.
Prices from € 4.15 to € 5.65 each.

AT6878 Shakeel Sport Bottle

Nature line bottle. Stainless steel body and bamboo cap with original metal carrying handle. Individually packaged. Dimensions: Ø 7.2 x 24 cm. Capacity: 800ml.
Prices from € 5.20 to € 7.05 each.

AT1057 Maddox Sport Bottle

Water bottle from the Natura line, produced with a combination of matte stainless steel and bamboo. Individually packaged. Height: 25.7 cm. Capacity: 750ml.
Prices from € 8.75 to € 11.90 each.

KI0753 Mat bag for Yoga

Yogi fashion yoga bag, with easy decoration access. Quick and easy opening and closing. Folds and stores easily after use. Cotton bag to carry your yoga or Pilates mat. Slide fastening. Capacity:...
Prices from € 3.70 to € 5.05 each.

100% Cotton

KI0655 Recycled tube bag

Duffel shape, ideal for sports. Adjustable crossbody for greater comfort. Sustainable bag made from recycled fibres. Duffel bag made from 50% recycled polyester. Front pocket with zip fastening....
Prices from € 7.25 to € 9.85 each.

Ecological Product

50% Recycled Polyester, 50% Polyester

61 articles (pag. 1 of 6)