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PWAP65 Npr Pro Nitrile Foam

Nylon and elastane glove with nitrile foam coating. Treated with an antimicrobial finish to ensure gloves stay fresh longer. 15 gauge mesh. Seamless breathable inner lining ideal for precision...
Prices from € 2.75 to € 3.70 each.

EN388:2016 +A1:2018 - 4131A

PWCT65 Foamed Nitrile Glove Vhr15

Free of glass fibers or steel, this cut resistant glove offers exceptional Cut Level E protection. Nitrile foam coating for excellent grip in wet and dry conditions Breathable 15-gauge liner provides...
Prices from € 9.70 to € 13.20 each.

EN388:2016 +A1:2018 - 4X43E

PWA171 Rough Latex Glove

Knitted cuff for comfort and warmth, uncoated on the back for breathability, latex dipping for maximum grip. Ideal for precision work, with ventilated back and latex palm.
Prices from € 1.65 to € 2.20 each.

EN388:2016 +A1:2018 - - EN ISO 21420

WKP813 Buffalo gloves
WK Designed To Work

100% sturdy, supple and durable buffalo leather. Ideal for general handling. Stretchy due to the elasticated band on the back of the hand. Buffalo leather work gloves. The gloves comply with the EN...
Prices from € 4.30 to € 5.85 each.

EN 388:2016+A1:2018, EN 21420

WKP814 Multi-use work glove
WK Designed To Work

Work gloves with reinforced touch-screen sensitive finger tips. Hard-wearing, practical and multi-functional. Breathable, comfortable fabric. Polyurethane / Polyester / Elastane / Goatskin....
Prices from € 5.10 to € 6.90 each.

EN 388:2016+A1:2018, EN 21420

WKP815 Canadian gloves
WK Designed To Work

Very resistant to abrasion. Composition: cow hide and cotton panels for increased comfort. Ideal for general handling. Cowskin leather gloves with cotton pieces for increased breathability and...
Prices from € 1.75 to € 2.35 each.

EN 388:2016+A1:2018, EN 21420

GB337088 Ultrane glove 526

Floss glove in synthetic and nitrile mesh. Fully coated in special nitrile GRIP and PROOF, which prevents the penetration of liquids, oils, greases and dirt, protecting the skin. DMF and silicone...
Prices from € 4.60 to € 6.25 each.

EN 388 4121

GB353106 996 Total Grip glove
Boxer Line

13 mm continuous filament glove in nylon and nitrile. Fully coated in nitrile. Once the glove is immersed in the nitrile, a special treatment is applied that makes the slip-resistant coating and...
Prices from € 1.80 to € 2.40 each.

EN 388 4122

GB355153 Squiddi glove
Boxer Line

Nylon 13 and latex continuous filament glove, completely covered with a latex layer, additional treatment in sandblasted latex on the palm that gives the glove an extraordinary grip. The double...
Prices from € 2.50 to € 3.35 each.

EN 388:2016 3132X

GB349015 Temp-Cook Glove 476

Waterproof nitrile glove, internal knit support with high thermal insulation power (excellent for handling hot dishes, baking trays, etc.). Protection against contact heat up to 250 degrees, external...
Prices from € 53.70 to € 73.00 each.

EN 388 4443D - EN 374-1 AFGJOT - EN 407 X2XXXX - EN 511 111 - EN 374-5

GB380039 Ovine leather glove
Mac Tuk

Glove in ovine flower, thumb to wing, reinforced index, inner elastic stringy wrist, edged wrist. Min. Ord. 12 pairs.
Prices from € 3.95 to € 5.35 each.

EN 388 2143

GB380021 Cotton Mitten Glove
Mac Tuk

Sheepskin / cotton glove, flowered sheepskin palm, thumb and fingertips in bloom, ventilated back in cotton knit, stretch wrist. Min. Ord. 12 pairs.
Prices from € 1.90 to € 2.60 each.

EN 388:2016 2121X

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