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TBA1LMQ Eastham River Shirt

Elastane for fitted style an extra comfort. Italian collar. Embroidered signature Timberland® tree logo on the left chest. Features contrast back neck tape.
Prices from € 53.05 to € 72.15 each.

98% Cotton, 2% Elastane

K508 Piqué shirt M / L

Long-sleeved shirt in piqué combed cotton. Soft and comfortable material. Classic shoe with tone-on-tone buttons. Adjustable cuffs with tone-on-tone buttons. Round bottom.
Prices from € 14.10 to € 19.15 each.

100% Cotton

K507 Jaquard shirt M / L

Men's long-sleeved shirt in a jaquard shirt. Contrasting neck in suédine reinforcement. Modern look. Comfortable and soft material. Classic skirt with faux mother of pearl button. Adjustable cuffs...
Prices from € 16.30 to € 22.20 each.

68% Cotton, 32% Polyester

K505 Men's Pilot Shirt M / L

Men's long-sleeved shirt in cotton poplin blend. Easy to wash (Easy Care treatment). Tone-on-tone buttons. Two chest pockets with flap, one with a heart-shaped pen holder. Shoulder pad for...
Prices from € 9.90 to € 13.40 each.

65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

K529 Men's Elasticized Shirt

Men's long sleeve shirt in stretch fabric. Adherent fit. Semi-French collar with cues. Tone-on-tone buttons. Rear rack with two side folds. Double fold stitching. Two buttons on the cuff. 2 spare...
Prices from € 14.50 to € 19.75 each.

97% Cotton, 3% Elastane

BCSMP21 Black Tie Lsl / Men
B&C Collection

The Black Tie B & C shirt is the paradigm of the business chic with impeccable lines and slender cut. Thanks to the addition of elastane, this poplin shirt is characterized by a delicate and...
Prices from € 16.40 to € 22.30 each.

97% Cotton, 3% Elastane

K512 Chambray shirt M / L

Men's shirt in Chambray cotton. Light denim-effect canvas. Soft and comfortable material. Fashionable model. Neck with fancy piping inside. Contrast buttons. Adjustable cuffs.
Prices from € 16.20 to € 22.00 each.

100% Cotton

K513 Popeline shirt M / L

Long-sleeved shirt in cotton poplin. Easy to wash (Easy Care treatment). Adherent model. Tone-on-tone buttons with spare buttons. Insert on the back without folds. Adjustable cuffs.
Prices from € 15.25 to € 20.75 each.

100% Cotton

H592 Neck Shirt To The Korean

Men's shirt with a Korean collar in Pufy fabric with antibacterial and anti-sweat properties. Quick drying and UV resistance (UPF 50 protection factor). Sleeves can be rolled up with a buttoned flap....
Prices from € 14.30 to € 19.45 each.

100% Polyester

SKFM560 Plaid shirt
Skinni Fit

Shirt in combed and brushed fabric for an ultra soft effect. Narrow buttoned collar, inserts on the back, closed cuffs with an opaque pearly button, rounded rear end, double stitched finish, modern...
Prices from € 14.30 to € 19.45 each.

65% Polies, 35% Viscose

JN617 Plaid shirt

Checkered shirt in cotton with numerous color combinations. Long sleeves, pocket, fabric easy to iron. Also available JN616 female inversion.
Prices from € 19.85 to € 26.95 each.

100% Cotton

Russell Collection

Easy to handle and to iron, semi-open Italian neckline with a button, placket with 7 matching buttons, rounded cuffs, shaped cut.
Prices from € 17.50 to € 23.75 each.

97% Cotton, 3% Spandex

33 articles (pag. 2 of 3)