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K330 Baseball T-shirt

Short-sleeved two-tone men's shirt, double needle stitching, Lycra blend neck, side vents.
Prices from € 5.00 to € 6.75 each.

100% Combed Cotton

K340 Tiger T-shirt

Two-colored short-sleeved sweater, neck and sleeve piping with elastane, side contrast bands and on inner sleeve, double needle stitching.
Prices from € 5.75 to € 7.80 each.

100% Cotton

BCTU020 Baseball
B&C Collection



Baseball T-Shirt, neckline with ribbed hem 1x1 double thickness with elastane, neckline and raglan sleeves in contrasting color, stitching on the edge of the sleeves and on the base, comfortable cut...
Prices from € 4.00 to € 5.45 each.

100% Ringspun cotton

BCTM220 Men Fit
B&C Collection

Men Fit


Tight-fitting t-shirt, crew neckline ribbed hem 1x1, side seams, close fitting.
Prices from € 6.65 to € 9.00 each.

100% Ringspun cotton

BCTW040 Exact 190 Women
B&C Collection

Women's t-shirt, 1x1 ribbed double border on the round neck, stitching on the edge of the sleeves and on the base, side seams.
Prices from € 2.50 to € 3.40 each.

100% Ringspun cotton

BCTM035 Too Chic Men
B&C Collection

Trendy T-shirt, simple jersey SLUB cotton thread, melange look, narrow ribbed edge on the crew neck, edge of the sleeves folded and fixed with 3 stitches, side seams, decorative stitching on the base.
Prices from € 4.40 to € 5.95 each.

100% Ringspun cotton

K326 Maia T-Shirt

Round neckline, double needle stitching, reinforcement band at the neck. Shaped model.
Prices from € 4.75 to € 6.45 each.

95% Cotton, 5% Spandex

BCTU002 Exact 150
B&C Collection

Exact 150


1x1 ribs on the choker with elastane, comfortable cut, tubular.
Prices from € 2.75 to € 3.75 each.

100% Cotton Jersey

JHKTSRA150 Regular T-Shirt

Regular T-Shirt


Short sleeve adult t-shirt. Made of tubular fabric. Double stitching on collar, sleeves and waistband. Internal shoulder to shoulder tape with double needle riveting. Lycra collar.
Prices from € 1.85 to € 2.50 each.

100% Carded Cotton

CL029324 Fashion t-shirt

Tight-fitting t-shirt with collar bass. Finishing rib on the neck.
Prices from € 4.70 to € 6.35 each.

100% Combed Cotton

CL029326 Raglan t-shirt

Two-colored raglan t-shirt with sleeves contrast. Elasticated sleeves collar and border.
Prices from € 5.65 to € 7.65 each.

100% Cotton

93 articles (pag. 6 of 8)